I Design Business Link Design Process

We work along side you and your team to identify your target market and objective, then build your website to meet those needs.  During this process both you and your designer will have projects to complete.  Our objective is to provide a custom design with well developed content that will convert visitors into customers.

Design Process

Consulting—Web Site Readiness Assessment—Evaluate strengths, weakness, competitors and identifying marketable difference. Your "homework" is to provide us with your keywords. These words are any and all words which identify your business, include things like your city, town, state, and even your name. These words are used to develop the content of your Web Site.

Design—Image and Graphics—The “WOW” of a Web Site. The design of a Web Site is much like fashion and we work diligently to stay on the leading edge of design. We understand that our clients have different opinions on the style of their Web Site, and we provide design suggestions but the final decision is yours. Our desire is that you have the site design of your dreams

Content Development—Content is KING. Though the Web Site design is the first thing to catch a visitor’s eye "WOW". The content is what will bring them back to visit and revisit your site turning visitors into customers.

Publish, submit site to search engine


Web site Optimization-- A cycle that should be followed in order to obtain, maintain, and improve top search engine rankings. This cycle is circular in nature and includes six unique steps: Web site Promotion, Greater Traffic, Increased Popularity, More Inbound Links, Greater Traffic, and Higher Search Engine Ranking.Sm Read More


Web Site Up-Dates and Management—changes to your Web Site will assure repeat visitors. Keeping your content FRESH and updated on a regular basis, invites search engines to spider your Web Site on a regular basis. Web Site maintenance can be a daunting task, especially if your company doesn't have a full time webmaster on staff. Our Web maintenance services make it easy and affordable to maintain a professional, up-to-date Web Site, without the expense of hiring a webmaster.Sm Read More