Frequently Asked Question

Why Have a Website? According to a New York-based retail research firm NPD Group, about 97 percent of consumers with Web access use the Internet in deciding to make purchases. Of those consumers, 51 percent said they use the Web to decide on products, while sometimes making the purchase offline. Additionally, 84 percent of “occasional buyers” — those who say they have made an online purchase only once in the past six months — say they “shop” online but purchase offline. Researchers have found consumers who don’t typically purchase online use a retailer’s Web sites to browse and decide what to buy. Teens routinely visit e-commerce sites to gather product information, even though they couldn’t complete online purchases, lacking credit cards clearance. As a result, more business owners are carefully considering the influence of online window shopping when developing ad campaigns. For example, teens spend almost as much time on Amazon.com as adults, even though few of those teens can make purchases on the site. Business owners are recognizing the value the Web has on influencing purchases that may take place offline. Integrating online and offline channels are imperative for retailers trying to reach their customers and expand their customer base.